Kosmo's Q Texas Beef Competition BBQ Rub, 13.8oz

Kosmo's Q Texas Beef Competition BBQ Rub, 13.8oz

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Kosmo's Q Texas Beef Competition BBQ Rub is a specially crafted seasoning blend designed to bring out the best flavors in your beef dishes. With a perfect balance of savory and smoky flavors, this rub is formulated to enhance the natural richness of beef while adding depth and complexity to every bite.

Crafted with a blend of premium spices, including salt, sugar, garlic, onion, paprika, and chili powder, this rub delivers a bold and robust flavor profile that is sure to impress even the most discerning barbecue enthusiasts. Whether you're grilling, smoking, or roasting beef, this versatile rub is the perfect choice for achieving mouthwatering results every time.

From brisket and ribs to steaks and burgers, Kosmo's Q Texas Beef Competition BBQ Rub is ideal for all your beef-centric dishes. Simply apply a generous amount of the rub to your meat before cooking and let the flavors work their magic. Whether you're competing in a barbecue competition or cooking for friends and family, this rub will take your beef to the next level.

13.8 oz. shaker

Ingredients: sugar, salt, garlic, onion, spices, lemon juice powder (corn syrup Solids, lemon juice solids, natural flavors), and no greater than 2% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking. 

All natural with no added MSG.

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