Jensen Outdoor Topaz Sling Arm Chair with Beige Sling

Jensen Outdoor Topaz Sling Arm Chair with Beige Sling

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Get back in the “sling” of things with the Topaz Sling Arm Chair with Beige Sling from Jensen Outdoor. Enjoy alfresco dining any time you wish by pairing these tasteful chairs with any Ipe dining table from Jensen Outdoor. The contoured backrest and supple seat made of airy outdoor sling fabric is a breath of fresh air when supported by the clean lines of a sturdy frame, curving arms and tapered legs fashioned from glass-smooth Ipe timber.

The artisan craftsmanship of the Topaz Collection is on display in the contemporary design, inspired blending of the finest materials and responsible presence of 100% FSC-Certified Ipe timber sustainably harvested from the heart of Bolivia’s dry-tropical forests. Ipe is durable and weather-friendly by design, while outdoor sling fabric offers airy, breathable comfort and fade resistance to ensure a lifetime of beauty and pleasure. Ipe timber arrives with a chocolate brown color that many prefer to preserve yet may also be allowed to gradually age into a subtle silver patina to complement your choice of outdoor sling fabric colors.


  • Chair is crafted from a thoughtful pairing of outdoor sling fabric with a tasteful trim of 100% FSC-Certified Ipe timber sustainably harvested from dry, tropical forests.
  • Easy to clean and to love, outdoor sling fabric ensures comfort without the need for additional cushions or time-consuming maintenance.
  • Ipe timber is made for outdoor settings with its natural strength, durability and resistance to both weather and wear.
  • A unique, fine-grain sanding technique provides a smooth-as-glass hand finish to the Ipe timber craftsmanship.
  • The deep, chocolate brown color of Ipe timber can be easily maintained for a lifetime or allowed to gracefully develop into a subtle silvery patina that offers deeper dimension.
  • Metal joinery construction ensures enhanced seating strength and support.
  • Dining becomes divine with the comfort of a supportive backrest, strong seat, arched arms and tapered legs.
  • Serves as the perfect addition to any complementary dining table from Jensen Outdoor.


  • Height: 36"
  • Width: 25"
  • Depth: 27"
  • Arm Height: 25"
  • Seat Height: 18"


Protecting New and Newly Cleaned Ipe Furniture:

  • In a ventilated area, apply Wood Shield to all clean Ipe surfaces (avoiding sling material) to further protect against water and food stains, then enjoy your new set outside.

As Needed Cleaning Instructions:

  • Wash your Ipe wood surfaces with a soft towel and mild dish soap, then rinse clean with water. Once complete, allow to dry.

Restore The Deep Chocolate-Brown ‘As New’ Finish:

Ipe naturally develops an elegant silver patina over time when exposed to the elements. To restore the ‘as new’ chocolate brown finish of Ipe wood, follow our simple color-restoration process:

  1. To prepare Ipe for a UV-protective coat of Penofin® Verde Oil Finish, use Penofin® Pro-Tech Wood Cleaner to remove surface dirt, then rinse off with water.
  2. To brighten and re-establish the pH balance of Ipe wood to best accept the Penofin® Verde Oil Finish, use Penofin® Pro-Tech Wood Brightener, then rinse off with water and allow to dry completely.
  3. Apply Penofin® Verde Oil Finish as directed on the can, letting it penetrate for 30 minutes.
  4. To remove excess oil finish that hasn't been absorbed by the wood, rub the Ipe surface with smooth rags until dry to the touch. IMPORTANT: Dispose of rags in a metal bucket of water to avoid spontaneous combustion.
  5. After completely dry, apply Wood Shield to timber to provide additional protection against water and food stains.

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