FireBoard Probe Pouch 3 pack

FireBoard Probe Pouch 3 pack

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The FireBoard Probe Pouch 3 pack is a convenient solution for keeping your probes organized and tidy. Designed by FireBoard, these probe pouches are made with FDA-approved silicone, making them easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The pouches are built to be stackable, allowing for easy storage and sharing among multiple users. They are compatible with all FireBoard probe types, including the Competition Probes.

With this pack, you'll have three pouches in your choice of colors: Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Tan, Yellow, or Multi (Red, Grey, Black). Whether you're a grilling enthusiast who wants to keep your grilling accessories neatly organized or a professional cook who needs to manage multiple probes, these pouches are a practical and versatile solution. Simply slide your probes into the pouches to keep them safe and organized when not in use.

Set of 3.

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