Dizzy Pig Wonder Bird Poultry Seasoning

Dizzy Pig Wonder Bird Poultry Seasoning

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Wonder Bird by Dizzy Pig is a versatile seasoning blend that promises to tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Whether you're grilling up succulent chicken breasts, roasting a whole turkey, or searing tender seafood, Wonder Bird adds a burst of flavor that's sure to impress. Its balanced combination of citrusy zest, aromatic garlic, and subtle sweetness from pure maple sugar creates a symphony of flavors that dance across your palate. And don't forget about its versatility – sprinkle Wonder Bird on your favorite vegetables for a delightful twist, or use it to enhance the flavor of seafood dishes. With Wonder Bird in your kitchen arsenal, every meal is a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

8oz shaker

Ingredients: Spices, Demerara sugar, Salt, Garlic, Onion, Maple sugar, Orange peel, Lemon peel

Gluten-free, no wheat gluten, no MSG, no peanuts or tree nuts

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