Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit

Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit

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The Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit seamlessly integrates CBO's top-selling oven into your outdoor kitchen design with ease. Ideal for entertaining gatherings of any size, this oven boasts a generous 38" x 28" cooking surface. While installation is straightforward, it does require a degree of hardscaping expertise.

Proudly made entirely in America, Chicago Brick Oven kits stand as the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship. You have the freedom to select your preferred style and facing material, allowing for endless customization possibilities. Whether it's a combination of stones in various textures and colors or a design that complements your outdoor kitchen or patio motif, the result is a stunning oven that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

With the CBO-750 custom bundle kit, you're equipped with all the essentials to unleash the full potential of CBO's signature FlameRoll™ cooking style. This comprehensive kit includes a 6-piece oven set comprising the dome, 3-piece hearth, arch, and decorative door, along with an installation kit featuring insulating board, anchor plate, steel plate, insulating blanket, and mortar. Additionally, the cooking kit provides essential accessories such as a pizza peel, brush, and infrared thermometer gun. Enjoy the convenience of a swift heat-up time of 45-60 minutes in mild weather conditions, and revel in the benefits of a kiln-dried, refractory-style oven that prioritizes even temperatures and efficient fuel consumption.


  • 6-piece oven (dome, 3-piece hearth, arch, decorative door)
  • Install kit (insulating board, anchor plate, steel plate, insulating blanket, mortar)
  • Cooking kit (pizza peel, brush, infrared thermometer gun)
  • Heats up in 45-60 minutes in mild weather conditions
  • Kiln dried after casting process
  • Refractory style oven - slightly slower to reach temperature but easier on fuel consumption
  • Lower dome is traditional Neapolitan style, means even temps and low fuel consumption
  • Hearth space: 38" x 28"

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