Oak Wood Smoking Chips from Cattleman's Grill

Oak Wood Smoking Chips from Cattleman's Grill

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Cattleman's Grill Oak Wood Smoking Chips offer a robust smoke profile without any lingering aftertaste, imparting a rich and smoky flavor to your grilled or smoked dishes. These oak wood chips are renowned for their ability to give foods a beautiful smoked color while enhancing their overall flavor.

Considered among the best oak wood chips available, Cattleman's Grill Oak Wood Smoking Chips undergo a meticulous filtration process to remove dust from the chipping process, as well as large chunks that may not burn evenly. This ensures that you get a more consistent and uniform burning wood chip, resulting in a superior smoke flavor for your barbecue creations.

For optimal flavor infusion, it is recommended to soak these oak wood chips for 30 to 45 minutes before use. Once soaked and drained of excess water, simply place the chips directly on charcoal or in your wood chip box or tray. Whether you're grilling meats, seafood, or vegetables, these oak wood chips will deliver a wonderful smoke flavor that elevates your outdoor cooking experience.

Packed in 200 cubic inch bags.

All Cattleman's Grill Smoking Wood Chips have been heat treated to prevent mold.

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