Butcher BBQ Phosphate Injection with Tenderizer, 16 oz.

Butcher BBQ Phosphate Injection with Tenderizer, 16 oz.

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Butcher BBQ's groundbreaking innovation—the BBQ Phosphate TR. Prepare to revolutionize your grilling and smoking experience with this remarkable natural tenderizer. Engineered to perfection, our trusted phosphate not only infuses moisture but also amplifies flavors, turning your meats into delectable works of art.

Bid farewell to dry, uninspired dishes and welcome a world of juicy, succulent perfection. Designed for high-temperature cooking methods, the BBQ Phosphate TR continues to perform its magic even under intense heat, ensuring consistently outstanding results.

Versatile and suitable for beef, pork, wild game, and poultry, unleash your culinary imagination and explore new realms of flavor. Endorsed by a two-time World BBQ Champion, this product guarantees exceptional outcomes every time.

Elevate your grilling journey with Butcher BBQ's BBQ Phosphate TR and embark on a delicious adventure filled with barbecued bliss.

16 oz. bag

Ingredients: Sodium Phosphate, Papain.

Gluten free. MSG free.

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