Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil, Chipotle Flavor

Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil, Chipotle Flavor

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Butcher BBQ Chipotle Grilling Oil is the game-changing secret weapon for aspiring Grill Masters in your neighborhood. Bid farewell to messy brines and say hello to juicy, flavorful meats that will have everyone clamoring for seconds. Our flavor-packed oils, infused with a tantalizing chipotle essence, redefine the grilling experience. Whether you're marinating, drizzling, or basting while cooking, our Chipotle Grilling Oil ensures that every bite bursts with bold flavor.

With the convenience of no need for refrigeration before or after opening, Butcher BBQ Chipotle Grilling Oil offers unparalleled ease without compromising on quality. Get ready to transform your approach to cooking fish, chicken, and roasting potatoes forever. Whether you're a backyard chef, competition cook, or BBQ aficionado, Butcher BBQ empowers you to elevate your culinary game and set tongues wagging with our BBQ chipotle-infused goodness. Prepare to dazzle your guests and ignite their taste buds with Butcher BBQ Chipotle Grilling Oil.

12 oz. bottle

Marinade before cooking or use while cooking. Squeeze some on the meat after you flip each time while grilling. If your slow smoking baste with it about every 30-45 minutes. If you wrap to steam cook apply some then. While pan cooking substitute this for your vegetable oils.

Ingredients: Soybean oil, hydrogenated soy bean oil with lecithin, tbhq & citric acid added as preservatives, artificial flavor & color, chipotle powder, dimethylpolysiloxane added as an anti foaming agent. Soy allergen

Chef Tom breaks down our method of preparing competition chicken thighs. This is the recipe we use in KCBS competitions and incorporates tips, techniques and methods we have learned from competition barbecue pitmasters.

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