Butcher BBQ Grilling Addiction Rub

Butcher BBQ Grilling Addiction Rub

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Butcher BBQ Grilling Addiction Rub is the ultimate all-purpose BBQ rub that will take your grilling game to new heights. Crafted with a prime blend of premium ingredients, this versatile rub is designed to enhance the flavor of any dish with its irresistible combination of savory and aromatic elements.

At the heart of Grilling Addiction is a perfect balance of salt, garlic, and onion, creating a robust foundation of flavor that forms the backbone of this exceptional rub. These classic ingredients provide depth and complexity, ensuring that each bite is bursting with rich, savory goodness.

To add a touch of sweetness and complexity, they've included sugar, which caramelizes beautifully when grilled, adding a delightful hint of sweetness to every bite. Worcestershire and soy sauce contribute to the umami-rich profile of the rub, while black pepper adds a bold, peppery kick that will tantalize your taste buds.

For a unique twist, they've infused Grilling Addiction with beef flavor, enhancing the savory notes and adding a delicious meaty richness to your dishes. Finally, the subtle citrusy brightness of lemon peel adds a refreshing finish, balancing out the savory elements and elevating the overall flavor profile.

Whether you're grilling up juicy steaks, succulent chicken, or tender ribs, Grilling Addiction is the perfect companion for all your BBQ adventures. With its irresistible blend of savory, sweet, and citrusy flavors, it's sure to become a staple in your seasoning arsenal. Elevate your grilling experience with Grilling Addiction and discover a new level of flavor perfection.

10oz. shaker

Ingredients: salt, garlic, onion, monosodium glutamate, sugar, Worcestershire & soy sauce powder, black pepper, disodium guanylate, beef flavor, silicon dioxide, lemon peel, & soybean oil.

Gluten free

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