Burgundy Oak 3-Stave Chalkboard

Burgundy Oak 3-Stave Chalkboard

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Embrace the wine lifestyle and get your message across with this Burgundy Oak 3-Stave Chalkboard is crafted from the staves of an authentic, retired, oak wine barrel. Each piece is handcrafted and one of a kind, with the shape reflecting the natural beauty of the solid-oak staves. Can hang horizontally or vertically.

Each Burgundy Oak wine barrel is crafted of solid oak by cooperages in the U.S. or France. The barrels make their way to the Okanagan and Napa Valleys, where they spend three years casking red wine at wineries throughout wine country. After the flavor profile of the oak has been extracted by the wine, the barrels are retired.

And that's where their new life begins. Burgundy Oak acquires the retired wine barrels and crafts them into beautiful housewares and display items. The unique personality of each barrel is preserved and no two Burgundy Oak items are alike. Depending on the wine that was casked in the barrel, the wine stain in the barrel interior ranges from rosy red to deep ruby.

Dimensions: approx. 26" x 4" x 12"

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