Boyer Barbecue Brush

Boyer Barbecue Brush

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Boyer Brush™️ is the perfect option for safe and efficient grill cleaning on wire bar grates. The wire-bristle-free option eliminates the risk of hazardous particles in your food, giving you peace of mind when you cook outdoors.

Shatterproof Design

The brush's core is made of stainless-steel wire spring coil, encased in the frame. This unique design reinforces strength while simultaneously bolstering the brush's longevity.

Unbreakable Handle and Frame

The handle and frame of the Boyer Brush are crafted from top-notch cast aluminum, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable product.

Convenient Size and Weight

The Boyer Brush™️ is the perfect balance of size and weight. Weighing in at 685 grams (1.51 LBS), it’s substantial enough to tackle tough grime yet lightweight enough for extended use. Measuring 50.8 cm x 19.1 cm (20” x 7.5”), the brush is designed to strike the perfect balance between size and functionality.

Embrace the safest, most effective grill cleaning solution and enjoy worry-free barbecues today.

Designed in Quebec. Patent pending.

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