Blaze 36" Outdoor Wall Vent Hood

Blaze 36" Outdoor Wall Vent Hood

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Ventilating an outdoor cooking space presents unique challenges due to the increased smoke generated by outdoor cooking equipment. The Blaze 36" Outdoor Wall Vent Hood addresses this challenge by combining a deeper hood canopy with a powerful 1000 CFM motor system to effectively clean the air from the grilling area. With its industry-leading 36” depth, this hood protrudes further over the cooking space, capturing more smoke when the grill lid is opened. This powerful suction and increased depth allow for installation further away from the cooking surface, providing both an easier view of the cooking area and increased comfort for the chef.

Key features of the Blaze 36" Outdoor Wall Vent Hood include its 36" width, designed for ventilating outdoor cooking spaces, and a 36” canopy depth that maximizes the capture range of the vent hood. The hood is equipped with a 1000 CFM 4-speed motor for exceptional smoke removal and a higher allowable installation height, creating a more comfortable work area. Additionally, it features 4 adjustable halogen lights to illuminate the cooking surface day or night, along with innovative grease-free retractable controls with lighted facing for enhanced user experience and convenience.


  • 36" wide vent hood for ventilating outdoor cooking spaces
  • 36” canopy depth maximizes the capture range of the vent hood
  • 1000 CFM 4 speed motor provide exceptional smoke removal
  • Higher allowable install height creates a more comfortable work area
  • 4 adjustable halogen lights illuminate your cooking surface any time of day or night
  • Innovative grease free retractable controls with lighted facing

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