ATBBQ Umami Brisket Kit

ATBBQ Umami Brisket Kit

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Our All Things BBQ Umami Brisket Kit has been carefully crafted in our test kitchens to help you create award-winning brisket. Featuring Butcher BBQ Prime Dust for a deep, rich beef flavor, our kit ensures your brisket isn't diluted with broth or vegetables.

The addition of Plowboys Bovine Bold brings a sweet and smoky essence, enhanced by paprika to give your brisket a vibrant color and crust. Plus, our kit includes all the essential tools, from the All Things BBQ Marinade Mixer for blending liquids and seasonings to the ATBBQ BBQ Pistol Grip Injector for an extra burst of flavor. Opt for the ATBBQ Umami Brisket Kit with Injector* for added convenience.

All Things Barbecue Umami Brisket Kit Includes

  • Butcher BBQ Prime Dust, 16oz
  • Plowboys Bovine Bold, 14oz
  • All Things BBQ Brine & Marinade Mixer
  • *Optional: ATBBQ BBQ Pistol Grip Injector

Everyone knows about sweet, salty, sour and bitter, but have you met your new best friend, UMAMI?! It's that fifth sense of taste that your brain associates with savory, delicious roasted meats, and it's the star of the show in this recipe for Umami Bomb Brisket!

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