Alfa BBQ500 Cooking Accessory

Alfa BBQ500 Cooking Accessory

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Alfa Pizza Ovens

The Alfa BBQ500 is a versatile accessory that transforms the Alfa Pizza Oven into a high-temperature BBQ grill, allowing you to cook over the embers at temperatures up to 500°C (930°F).

With these features, the Alfa BBQ 500 enhances your outdoor cooking experience, providing convenience and versatility for grilling delicious meals over the embers in your Alfa Pizza Oven.


  • Rotating grill: The 18" diameter rack enables you to turn your food easily, ensuring even cooking throughout.
  • Drip pan: This serves a dual purpose, functioning as both a drip pan to collect excess juices and as an ember tray to protect your oven floor while providing additional heat.
  • Tongs: Included tongs allow you to safely grab and move food or adjust the position of the grill rack for optimal cooking.
Alfa Pizza Ovens

BBQ 500 37cm - Alfa Pizza

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