Classic Holiday Turkey Recipe

Classic Holiday Turkey


Delightfully brined and trussed, this classic recipe is coated with a rich, aromatic glaze and packed with bold, zesty flavors of apple, garlic, rosemary, and sage. Make this holiday one to remember!


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  • Comment Author: BR

    I followed the instructions, with one exception. I brought the breast temp up to 165 degrees instead of 155 degrees, which was suggested in the video. The glaze worked perfectly, and our bird looked just like the picture; it was moist and flavorful – everyone loved it! The one note I made was that the glazing and rotation removed excess heat, which extended the cooking time by nearly an hour in PNW 40-degree conditions. We have been asked to host again next year – because of the bird.

  • Comment Author: Cris Pratt

    Should be done soon. Looks GREAT!

  • Comment Author: Peter M

    Chef Tom, making this for Thanksgiving this year. Just checking, is it ok to run at that high temp with the entire diffuser in place? Yoder suggests not to run above 300 degrees C with the diffuser in place. Thanks and great recipe.

  • Comment Author: Paul Masalski

    Sounds like a great recipe and I’m about to order the traditional flavor brine concentrate.
    I just have one question.
    You mentioned patting the turkey dry and letting it dry out in a refrigerator overnight.
    Would spraying the turkey with Duck Fat before roasting help with a crispy brown skin?

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