Yoder ACS system

Yoder Smokers ACS system


Understanding The Yoder Smokers Adaptive Control System for Pellet Grills:

Is It Time To Upgrade?

Let's face it, all Yoders are built to last. There are many Yoder pellet grills in use today built around the Legacy control board, that show no signs of stopping.That's great news to us, yet we are regularly asked if it is worth upgrading to the ACS Wi-Fi Enabled Control Board Conversion Kit. If you are looking to get the most out of your grill and gain more advanced features and control, then you should definitely read on!

In the second quarter of 2019, Yoder Smokers introduced their new Adaptive Control System in their complete line of pellet grills, replacing the long-standing Legacy controller. The Adaptive Control System is built around a proprietary software that not only manages temperature, but also delivers a thin blue smoke from 150° to 300°F. The ACS controller also offers many other features that make for a better cook.

Useful Features That Streamline The Cooking Experience:

WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity:

You can adjust the temperature and monitor your temperature right from your office or while doing other things around the house. Your cook goes anywhere you go.

Easy-to-Use Fireboard Cloud and App:

The ACS Control System connects to the Fireboard Cloud, making it easy to see how your cook is progressing. The downloadable app is like your personal grilling assistant, providing the details of your cook on your device. It's simple and easy for anyone to understand. Use the app to graph your cook and always know what your grill is doing. Seeing trends and adjusting temperature is just a few clicks away.

Alert yourself so you don't miss a thing:

The ability to set alerts gives you the freedom to go about your day while the grill manages the cook. Setting a temperature alert lets you know when it is time to baste, rotate, wrap, or eat. Setting a high temperature alert means you never overcook a meal. Setting a low temperature alert will notify you if you run out of pellets or lose power.


Food Probes for Perfect Cooking:

The ACS Control System includes two integrated food probes to keep watch on the internal temperatures, so you no longer need to open the door and lose heat to know what is going on inside your grill. There's no need for an external leave-in thermometer keeping your cooking space neat and tidy.

All-in-One Upgrade Kit:

Worried about the upgrade process? Don't be! The ACS conversion kit comes with everything you need. You'll find all the parts and clear instructions in the kit. You can easily install it yourself in a couple of hours with a few simple tools.

To see an ACS Conversion in Action, check out a video with installation instructions. 


Expert Advice: All new kits are now supplied with a new thermocouple. Always replace your old thermocouple with the new one supplied in the kit. The new thermocouple works seamlessly with the new control board while your old thermocouple will not.


Other recommended updates:

The team at Yoder Smokers is always learning and implementing new ideas over the years to improve the grilling experience. Since you'll already have the side panel off of your grill, now is a good time to consider replacing the outer fan as well.

You should also consider a Full Performance Upgrade Kit. The performance upgrade includes a new ceramic igniter as well as the latest design of the high flow burn grate that allows for improved airflow within the firebox. The newer burn grate also fits better with the new ceramic igniter than the old burn grate. Due to design changes, we also recommend a new firebox for all grills manufactured prior to 09/01/2014.

After you complete the installation, we recommend doing a thorough check of your grill to make sure the silicone seals above and around the firebox are in good shape.

Helpful Tip: If you run into problems or have questions about your install, you can call the technical team at Yoder Smokers at (877) 409-6337.

Final Thoughts:

In the end, we believe upgrading your Yoder Smokers pellet grill to the ACS Control System is a smart move. With features like integrated food probes, remote monitoring, and a user-friendly app, you will find yourself producing amazing food with less time and attention than ever before. You family and friends will thank you!

Happy Grilling!