We Put the Wood-Fired Oven for the YS1500 to the Test

We Put the Wood-Fired Oven for the YS1500 to the Test


Since the day the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven (WFO) was released for the YS480 and YS640, YS1500 owners have been asking when will the Wood Fired Oven be available for the YS1500. The time is now.

Yoder Smokers Wood Fired Oven

Over the past year, the ATBBQ team has put hundreds of cooks on the Wood-Fired Oven for the YS480/640 and have produced and released about 20 recipe videos on our blog featuring the WFO in action. At first we made pizza, then lasagna, and then mac ‘n cheese before moving on to enchiladas, hot wings, roasted chicken and so much more. We discovered the possibilities are endless.

The looming question is simple: Will the Wood Fired Oven work as well in the larger YS1500 as it does in the YS640? Let’s dig in.

What Comes in the YS1500 Wood-Fired Oven Kit:

  1. Oven frame
  2. Oven dome
  3. ¾” thick cooking stone
  4. 18” wide x 24” deep cooking grate

How to Set Up the YS1500 Wood-Fired Oven:

  1. Remove the cooking grates. Do not remove the heat management plate to install the WFO in the 1500.
  2. Set the WFO oven frame on the grate rail and position it against the left side of the grill.
  3. Set the oven dome over the oven frame. Locate the tabs on the dome and insert them into the slots in the oven frame.
  4. Insert the stone into the oven.
  5. Place the 18” x 24” cooking grate to the right of the oven.
  6. Pull the damper door to the full open position and you are ready to cook. OPTIONAL: With the WFO in place, you can fit the full or half depth shelf for additional cooking surface.

The YS1500 Wood-Fired Oven Test Results

Over the last few weeks, our team has done a number of cooks on the YS1500 with the Wood-Fired Oven installed. Along with rolling out high-heat pizzas, we’ve roasted, baked, sauteed, and more.

Does the WFO perform as well in the YS1500? The answer is a resounding yes.

One of the advantages of cooking with the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven for the YS1500 is that you get an additional 18 inches of cooking surface to the right of the oven and enough height to install the second level cooking shelf. This combination provides multiple cooking zones and lots of space when cooking for a crowd.

For more insight into the Yoder Smokers Wood-Fired Oven for the YS1500, check out Chef Tom’s Product Roundup Video.

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