Tis' the Season for Seasoning Your Yoder Smoker!

Tis' the Season for Seasoning Your Yoder Smoker!


Your Yoder Smokers grill is a prized possession, handcrafted with precision and coated in high heat paint to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking. To ensure your grill continues to deliver exceptional results, proper seasoning is paramount. In this expert guide, we'll walk you through the steps to season both the outside and inside a Yoder Smokers grill as well as performing ongoing maintenance.

Before you embark on the seasoning journey, start by giving your grill a good cleaning by wiping the exterior with mild soap and water to remove any lingering residues. Once cleaned, it's time to protect and season the outside.

Pro Tip: When cleaning your grill, be careful not to introduce water into the pellet hopper. This will cause your pellets to expand and harden, which can ruin your next cook until you remove them.


Exterior Seasoning:

Consider using ACF-50 or high-quality mineral oil to shield your grill from the elements and enhance its appearance. Apply according to the product instructions, and your grill will not only perform at its best but also look fantastic. If you have stainless steel shelf sleeves, ACF-50 can used to protect these as well.

After the exterior seasoning, perform a warm-up by running the grill up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit or above for an hour. This step ensures that the oil is fully absorbed into the paint, creating a robust and resilient outer layer.

Interior Seasoning:

The interior of your Yoder Smokers grill comes with a light coating of paint from the factory which will be replaced with oils and fats released in the cooking process. Before cooking on a new grill, run the grill at a 400 dgeree temperature for an hour to burn away any leftover grease or oil from the manufacturing process. To season the inside for optimal flavor and protection, follow these steps:

Apply a light coating of cooking oil with a high smoke point, such as vegetable or canola oil, to the surfaces of the grates prior to your first cook. This should also be repeated every three months for optimal performance.

To season the interior of the cooking chamber, cook items rich in fat or grease, like bacon or a pork shoulder, to initiate the seasoning process. This imparts a layer of seasoning and creates a protective barrier. Every time you cook items rich in fat, you add more seasoning to the inside of your grill.

When it's time to clean the interior, gently scrape all surfaces inside the grill with a plastic or metal scraper, being careful not to dig too deep into the seasoning.

Vacuum all the scrapings out of the cooking chamber with a shop vac. This should be done while the cooker is cold to ensure safety and thorough cleaning.

For more information on cleaning, Follow our instructions on How To Deep Clean Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills.

Routine Maintenance:

To keep your Yoder Smokers grill in prime condition, you should also perform regular paint maintenance:

Every year- Inspect the exterior paint for wear or damage. Touch up any areas with light sanding and matching paint available from Yoder Smokers. If you have any questions, follow our guide to Touching Up Paint on a Yoder.

Every 6 months - Reapply ACF-50 or mineral oil to the exterior to maintain protection and preserve your grill's sleek appearance.


Seasoning your Yoder Smokers grill ensures both peak performance and enjoyable flavors. By following these expert tips, you'll not only protect your investment but also elevate your outdoor cooking experience!

Happy Grilling!