How to Use the Reverse Sear Method on the YS640

How to Use the Reverse Sear Method on the YS640


Statistically, steak is America’s favorite grilled meat. It’s safe to say that when people think about grilling, they think about steak. Cooking this sacred piece of meat to perfection can be a challenge.

The solution is simple: With your YS640 and the reverse sear method, you can produce a world class steak with confidence and ease. This simple method results in a juicy, tender center and a beautifully caramelized crust. 

Use the Reverse Sear Method and reap these benefits: 

  1. Juicier steak. By starting at a low temperature, you get even cooking which results in consistent edge-to-edge color and a juicer steak. 
  2. More flavor. A lower cooking temperature up front lets the YS640 impart a light smoke flavor. 
  3. An amazing sear. During low temp cooking, the surface moisture on the steak evaporates which leads to a rich, caramelized crust when seared. 

Target Temperature

In this article we are planning for a medium-rare (135-degrees internal) finish. If you prefer a different level of doneness, adjust your internal temperatures accordingly.  

Setting the YS640 up for the Reverse Sear method is easy and quick. 

The Grill Setup:  

  • 2-piece heat diffuser in place and the access door removed. (This will simplify the transition from low temperature to direct heat.) 
  • Variable Displacement Damper (VDD) is pushed in 6” from the outer right position. 
  • 3-panel set of GrillGrates on the left side of the main cooking level. Standard Yoder grates on the right side. 
  • Half-depth shelf above the main grate. (At 9” deep, the half-depth shelf adequate room for cooking, yet leaves plenty of room for positioning the steaks and completing the sear.) 
  • Grill temperature: 200-degrees. 

The Cooking Process

Place the steaks on the right-hand side of the top shelf. 

Cook the steaks at the 200-degree setpoint until they reach an internal temperature of 100-degrees. 

Once the steaks reach 100-degrees internally, turn the grill setpoint to 600-degrees. When the grill reaches 600-degrees, move the steaks onto the GrillGrates directly over the flame. 

Cook steaks for one minute on the first side and then rotate 90-degrees. Cook for one additional minute. Flip the steak and repeat. 

PRO TIP: To achieve an internal temperature of 135-degree, cook over high heat until the internal temperature nears 130-degrees. Pull the steaks from the grill and allow them to rest for 10-minutes. The thermal inertia in the steaks will carry the internal temperature to ~ 135-degrees. 


The YS640’s multi-zone cooking capability makes light work of the low temperature portion of the cook and the high heat searing portion of the Reverse Sear Method. At low temperature, you are infusing that hint of smoke while drying the surface of the steak. At searing temperatures, you are using the Maillard reaction to set the beautiful crust that adds amazing texture and flavor. 
Remember, the key here is technique, not on precise grill temperatures for this cook. Cooking times will vary depending on the size and thickness of the meat you are preparing. Larger pieces of meat will have to cook longer before they reach 100 degrees during the first portion of the cook and may take longer during the searing portion to reach desired doneness.