Big ideas for small spaces

Big ideas for small spaces


Patio furniture for small outdoor spaces

Small spaces like balconies, terraces or tucked-away corners of a patio or backyard can be intimate and fun spots for you and your guests to gather. They also present a challenge in creating a space that’s functional without feeling cramped.

Plan your small space

It is possible to transform a tiny balcony or small patio into an inviting retreat with the right small space patio furniture. All it takes is some smart planning and versatile outdoor furniture to convert these spaces into a functional and stylish gathering spot.

The first step is to determine the main function for the space, just as you would for a large deck or patio, and then bring those plans down to a small footprint. Below are tips for patio furniture in different types of small spaces.


Enjoy your morning coffee and capture the views from your balcony with counter height furniture. About 8 inches taller than a traditional patio dining set, the added height lets you see over the railing. The frame structure also draws the eye up, making the space look you have more room.

Go for tall, narrow tables and chairs and snug the table against the rail to give you more floor space. The Jensen Outdoor Richmond Balcony Rail Table, paired with two Richmond Counter Height Side Chairs (pictured below) lends warm tones to a modern balcony. It’s an inviting spot to relax and grab a bite to eat while enjoying the sun and skyline.

Garden nook

These intimate settings call for intimate furniture, such as two small lounge chairs with a small side table, a cozy bistro table for two or gliding garden benches. Light or neutral finishes can help keep the setting open and airy, while dark finishes can help ground the furniture in the space.

The Jensen Outdoor bistro table below is paired with chairs that easily fold to store away. The small format fits into a corner of the patio without taking up a lot of room, and the neutral style looks at home in a traditional or contemporary setting.

A Jensen Outdoor Lincoln Glider looks perfectly at home on the garden path and creates an easy seating area in an out-of-the-way space.

Front porch

Your front porch is your first chance to make a good impression. It’s also often overlooked as a place to sit, relax and enjoy coffee with the neighbors.

Make your front porch feel welcome with a pair of rocking chairs and a small side table to hold cups, your book, or even a planter. This pair of rockers from Polywood has all-weather durability needed for the outdoors, multiple colors to match almost any exterior, and comfort to spend time gently rocking the hours away.

If your space is very small, try a small table or seating bench with plants and a porch sign to signal your hospitality. This garden bench from Polywood seats two and can be dressed for seasons by switching out the accessories.

Small patios or decks

Dual-function furniture can help you make the most of your small patio or deck. A comfortable sling rocking dining chair works well as both a dining and lounge chair. Dining benches can move away from the table to become casual seating and an ottoman can serve as an extra seat or a small table.

This patio dining set from Castelle seats four and features sling dining chairs that are built for comfort. Clear away the meal and the fire pit dining table is the perfect lounge set for drinks and long conversations outdoors.

Bonus Tips for Your Small Space

Furniture with slim frames or an open weave can make your outdoor space look roomier. If you're set on a sofa but don't have much room, focus on narrow outdoor furniture frames and fool the eye with open wicker or rope weaves.

Give your small space flexibility and free up some room with stackable chairs. Along with saving floor space when not in use, they can easily be pulled out to create an impromptu seating area for your guests.

Add ambiance to your small space with lighting. String lights are popular because they draw the eye up and create a cozy atmosphere. Tabletop fireplaces add interest and drama without taking up a lot of space.

Looking for outdoor furniture for your small space? Our outdoor furniture specialists can help you find the right outdoor sofa, chair, set table and more.

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