GrillGrate Set for 22.5" Weber Kettle

GrillGrate Set for 22.5" Weber Kettle

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Transform your 22.5" Weber Kettle into a grilling powerhouse with GrillGrates. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and featuring hard anodizing for an ultra-hard surface, these grates are not only durable but also incredibly easy to clean.

Measuring 5.25" wide by 20" long, these grates are designed to fit perfectly in your Weber Kettle, delivering focused heat to the surface for intense searing. Unlike stainless steel grates, these hard anodized aluminum grates will never rust, ensuring years of reliable performance.

GrillGrates excel at searing in juices while controlling flare-ups, making it effortless to cook a variety of foods without burning or charring. Whether you're grilling lean meats, fish, pizzas, or vegetables, these grates provide unparalleled results. Plus, they can withstand temperatures of 1000°F+, making them suitable for open flame and campfire grilling. Experience the difference with GrillGrate Set and elevate your grilling game to new heights.

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