Sonance Patio Series 4.1 Outdoor Audio System

Sonance Patio Series 4.1 Outdoor Audio System

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The Sonance Patio Series 4.1 Outdoor Audio System is a sophisticated audio solution tailored for outdoor environments, designed to deliver premium sound quality while seamlessly integrating into your patio or outdoor living space. This system is engineered with a focus on both aesthetics and performance, providing an immersive audio experience for your outdoor gatherings or relaxation.

Weather Resistance and Durability
Like its Garden Series counterpart, the Patio Series 4.1 is built to withstand the elements. The components are crafted with weather-resistant materials, ensuring they can endure exposure to rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations without compromising performance. This durability ensures that your outdoor entertainment isn't interrupted by changing weather conditions, giving you peace of mind year-round.

Satellite Speakers
At the core of the system are the satellite speakers, designed to deliver clear, balanced sound throughout your patio area. These speakers are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly with your outdoor décor, often resembling stylish outdoor lighting fixtures. Despite their sleek and unobtrusive appearance, they provide robust sound coverage, filling your outdoor space with high-fidelity audio. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, the Patio Series 4.1 ensures the music is always present and engaging.

Subwoofer for Rich Bass
To complement the satellite speakers, the system includes a subwoofer for deep bass reproduction. This subwoofer adds richness and depth to the audio, enhancing the overall listening experience. Whether you're listening to music with heavy beats, watching action-packed movies, or simply enjoying the ambiance of nature, the subwoofer brings a powerful low-end presence to your outdoor audio setup.

Easy Installation and Integration
Installing the Patio Series 4.1 is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward instructions for setting up the speakers and connecting them to the amplifier. The system includes outdoor-rated wiring, allowing for easy and safe installation in your outdoor space. Once installed, the system seamlessly integrates into your patio environment, providing high-quality sound without disrupting the aesthetics of your outdoor décor.

Customizable Sound Experience
With the included amplifier, you have control over the audio settings, allowing you to tailor the sound to your preferences and the occasion. Adjust the volume, tone, and other settings to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests, relaxing with family, or simply enjoying your outdoor sanctuary. The Patio Series 4.1 offers flexibility and customization, ensuring that the sound matches the mood of your outdoor activities.

Property Enhancement
In addition to its audio capabilities, the Patio Series 4.1 can also enhance the value and appeal of your property. Outdoor entertainment features are increasingly sought after, and this system adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor living space. Whether you're looking to create an inviting atmosphere for your own enjoyment or to impress potential buyers, the Patio Series 4.1 offers both functionality and style.

The Sonance Patio Series 4.1 Outdoor Audio System is a testament to innovative design and premium audio performance. From its weather-resistant construction to its stylish satellite speakers and powerful subwoofer, every aspect is crafted to elevate your outdoor audio experience. Whether you're hosting a lively gathering or seeking a tranquil retreat in your patio oasis, this system delivers exceptional sound quality and seamless integration, making every moment outdoors a memorable one.

Amp Options Provide Flexibility

The Patio Series is available with or without Sonance’s DSP amplifier, making it easy to upgrade your current satellite system without replacing the amplifier, or integrating into another whole home system by using products such as the Sonos® Amp, Amazon Echo Link Amp, Denon HEOS AVR and more.

  • If you have questions about which amp is right for you, please contact our team at (316) 440-3950

Perfect for DIYers

The Sonance Patio Series is simple to setup. With just a few tools you can install your Patio Series Speakers in a day without any prior knowledge. By keeping the wiring simple, using a single amplifier, the Patio Series makes getting great outdoor sound easier than ever.

What’s in the Box

  • Four Satellite Speakers
  • One In-Ground Subwoofer
  • Four Ground Stakes
  • 12 Silicone Filled Wire Nuts
  • *with Amplifier Option: Sonance DSP SR 2-125 Amplifier

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