SmokeWare Stainless Steel Chimney Cap for Kamado Joe

SmokeWare Stainless Steel Chimney Cap for Kamado Joe

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A must-have upgrade for your Kamado Joe. This chimney cap adjusts for the perfect airflow and completely weatherproof. It will protect your grill from rain and snow while keeping temperatures consistent with its easily adjustable air damper. Since the cap is covered and the damper sits just under the lid it is not susceptible to being bumped meaning that when you set your cap it will stay put. Internal diameter = 6"

The SmokeWare Chimney Cap is dishwasher safe and simple to use. Simply replace the cap on your Kamado Joe and start cooking. Not compatible with Kamado Joe Jr.


  • The stainless steel vented cap will maintain your settings even when you open your cooker (will not swivel like the cast iron cap).
  • The stainless steel body will not rust and is easily removed for cleaning (the cap is dishwasher safe).
  • The stainless steel vented cap will not slip and fall off of your cooker when in the fully open position.
  • The stainless steel vented cap can be kept in the fully open position when your cooker is not in use. It will provide full protection from rain and moisture, allows for air flow during hot summer days and will help prevent the build-up of mold and mildew during periods of no use.

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