Shun Classic 5-Piece Starter Knife Block Set

Shun Classic 5-Piece Starter Knife Block Set

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The Shun Classic 5-Piece Starter Block Knife Set offers a comprehensive selection of essential knives and tools for any kitchen. Included in the set are three of Shun's most versatile knives: the 8-inch Chef's Knife, the 3.5-inch Paring Knife, and the 6-inch Utility Knife. With these knives at your disposal, you can handle a wide range of kitchen tasks with ease and precision.

To maintain the sharpness of your knives, the set also includes the Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel. Regular honing with this steel helps keep your blades in optimal condition and extends the time between sharpening sessions. The set is completed with a beautiful 6-slot Slimline Block made of bamboo, which not only adds elegance to your kitchen countertop but also offers easy-care performance.

Crafted from bamboo, the knife block is both durable and moisture-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its slimline design saves space on your countertop while providing ample room for storing additional Shun knives and accessories, such as kitchen or herb shears. With the Shun Classic 5-Piece Starter Knife Block set, you'll have everything you need to tackle culinary tasks with precision and style.


  • 3.5-in. Paring Knife
  • 6-in. Utility Knife
  • 8-in. Chef's Knife
  • Combination Honing Steel
  • 6-Slot Slimline Knife Block

Knife Features

  • Hand-sharpened 16° single-bevel blade with serrations
  • Steel: Proprietary VG-MAX cutting core, 34 layers each side (68 total) stainless Damascus cladding
  • Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood
  • Handcrafted in Japan

Honing Steel Features

  • Built-in angle guide makes precision honing easy
  • Two honing surfaces: smooth for everyday honing; micro-ribbed for weekly care
  • Stainless steel
  • Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood
  • Rod length: 9 in. (22.9 cm)
  • Made in China

Bamboo Knife Block Features

  • Beautiful, sustainable bamboo construction
  • Accommodates up to 6 pieces of kitchen cutlery, large and small
  • Includes slots for honing steel and kitchen shears
  • Made in China

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