Scotsman SCC50 15" Brilliance Gourmet Cube Ice Machine, Custom Panel Door

Scotsman SCC50 15" Brilliance Gourmet Cube Ice Machine, Custom Panel Door

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The Scotsman SCC50 15" Brilliance Gourmet Cube Ice Machine sets the standard for those who appreciate the luxury of crystal-clear gourmet ice. With its high-capacity design, this machine ensures that your glasses are always filled with perfect cubes of ice, enhancing the experience of any gathering.

Engineered for superior ice quality, the SCC50 features a smart control system that purges mineral-laden water with each harvest cycle, ensuring consistently clear and fresh ice. Whether for commercial, residential, or office use, this machine produces up to 65 lbs. of gourmet ice daily, making it suitable for various settings. Equipped with R-134A refrigerant, it efficiently creates large 1" x 1 1/8" x 1 1/4" ice cubes that melt slowly, keeping drinks cold without quick dilution.

Its features include an unfinished front panel, allowing for custom panel installation or compatibility with Scotsman front panel kits, offering flexibility in design. The 15" cabinet width and 26 lb. storage capacity provide ample ice supply, while the user-friendly control panel informs about power status, water condition, and cleaning reminders for convenience.

Designed for efficiency, the SCC50 consumes less energy and water compared to Legacy models, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability. While an outdoor stainless steel model is available, it's important to note that the standard model is not outdoor-rated. Other features such as LED illuminated bin, articulating hinge system, and reversible door enhance functionality and adaptability to various installation requirements.


  • Unfinished front for custom panel installation or use with Scotsman front panel kits
  • 15" cabinet width
  • 26lb storage capacity
  • Produces up to 65 lbs. of gourmet ice in 24 hours
  • User-friendly control panel informs whether power is on, alerts a no-water condition, and a time to clean reminder
  • Uses less energy and water compared to Legacy model
  • Outdoor stainless steel model available
  • Accepts custom wood panels to match existing cabinetry
  • LED illuminated bin
  • Articulating hinge system
  • Available with built-in drain pump
  • Field reversible door
  • Not outdoor rated


  • Unfinished front panel for customization
  • Gravity drain option can be utilized when a drain is accessible in the floor or below the floor where the unit will be installed
  • Condensate pump models are commonly installed where the only drain available is in a nearby sink and the draining water must be pushed upwards
  • MPN: SCCG50MB-1SU (gravity drain), SCCP50MB-1SU (condensate pump)

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