Napoleon Himalayan Salt Block with PRO Grill Topper

Napoleon Himalayan Salt Block with PRO Grill Topper

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Himalayan salt block cooking has surged in popularity due to its ability to provide an evenly heated solid surface for delicate foods while imparting a subtle salt flavor. Not only does it enhance the taste of grilled foods, but it also reduces the need for additional salt post-cooking. Additionally, Himalayan salt blocks can be chilled and used to serve sushi or desserts, offering versatility beyond grilling. Thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties, cleaning is a breeze with just water and a scrape.

Napoleon offers a Himalayan salt block that seamlessly integrates into their stainless steel grill topper, providing easy handling and added versatility. This topper isn't limited to salt block cooking; it can also be used for grilling veggies or other delicate foods like fish, further enhancing your outdoor cooking experience.

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