Meater Block 4 Probe Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer System

Meater Block 4 Probe Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer System

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    Take the guess work out of smoking and grilling with Meater's WiFi digital, wireless 4-probe meat thermometer. The Meater Block has an extensive range - up to 165ft - and the intuitive smart phone app will even estimate what time your food will reach desired temperature. Because the probes are wireless, you can use this with rotisserie cooking and don't have to worry about crimping the probes in your cooker's door.

    You can use the Meater Block in two modes:

    1. WiFi mode - keep your Block close to the grill, connect in to your home's WiFi network via the app, and use your phone to get temperature read outs up to 165ft from the grill.
    2. Standalone mode - The wireless probes will read out directly to the Block up to 10ft away.


    • Includes 4 wireless probes to monitor a variety of items at once (note: original Meater and Meater Plus probes are not compatible with the Meater Block model)
    • WiFi connection enables range up to 165ft from smoker, grill, or oven
    • Meater's guided cook system walks you through every step of the cooking process to produce delectable food and consistent results.
    • Easily set up custom alerts and notifications based on temperature or time
    • The advanced estimator algorithm will estimate how long your cook will take so you can plan mealtime perfectly
    • Wireless probes can be used with rotisserie cooking
    • Using Meater Cloud, you can connect to an Amazon Alexa device and monitor your cook from anywhere you have internet access on your phone


    • Dual sensors monitor both the internal temperature of the food (using probe body) and the ambient temperature close to that food (using the head of the probe that sits outside of food)
    • Durable probes made of stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic
    • Built-in WiFi uses your home network
    • USB power charges probes and powers the Block for longer cooks
    • Color: Brown Sugar

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