Meat Church Bird Baptism Poultry Brine

Meat Church Bird Baptism Poultry Brine

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Elevate your poultry dishes with Meat Church Bird Baptism Poultry Brine. Crafted to add moisture and flavor to all your dishes. Inspired by Meat Church's award-winning competition chicken brine recipe, this blend guarantees succulent and flavorful results that will make your poultry stand out. Whether you're cooking turkey or chicken, this brine mix is your secret ingredient for achieving moist and delicious meat every time. Say goodbye to dry poultry and hello to championship-worthy flavor with this versatile poultry brine mix.

We recommend brining in a Briner Bucket or brine bag for 1 hour per pound. The easiest thing to do is brine overnight. Rinse your poultry thoroughly after brining and pat completely dry.

This turkey brine mix is designed to provide the perfect balance of moisture and flavor for your turkey. However, if you're looking to customize and elevate the flavor even further, don't hesitate to get creative! Adding ingredients like whole black peppercorns, citrus slices, or your favorite herbs can take the flavor profile to the next level and tailor it to your personal taste preferences. With this turkey brine mix as the base, the possibilities are endless for creating a truly memorable and delicious Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Ingredients: salt, sugar, spices & granulated garlic.

No MSG. Gluten free.

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