Alabaster & Marble Ornaments

Alabaster & Marble Ornaments

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    Marble Star Ornament Marble 12039585

    Made of marble and alabaster, these snowflake and star ornaments come in 2 different colors. These Ornaments are great for any festive tree, and create a memorable occasion when decorating with friends and family!

    Material: Alabaster/Marble

    Dimensions: 3-1/2"W x 3-1/2"H

    Style 1: Alabaster Star (tan) - OUT OF STOCK

    Style 2: Marble Star (white) - OUT OF STOCK

    Style 3: Alabaster Snowflake (tan)

    Style 4: Marble Snowflake (white) - OUT OF STOCK

    Note: These items are created from natural stone, therefore they will vary from piece to piece!

    Marble Star Ornament Marble 12039585

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