Lodge Cast Iron Brush

Lodge Cast Iron Brush

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The Lodge Cast Iron Cleaning Brush is a must-have tool for preserving your precious cast iron cookware and ensuring a lifetime of use. With its dense nylon-bristled design, this brush is specially crafted to efficiently clean cast iron pieces, leaving them spotless without damaging the seasoning.

Featuring an ergonomic shape, the brush provides a comfortable grip that allows for easy handling, even with wet hands. Its sturdy construction makes it strong enough to tackle tough cleaning tasks on cast iron, while remaining gentle on your everyday dishes.

The cleaning brush is equipped with a rubberwood handle finished with lacquer for durability, while the plastic head houses the nylon bristles. This combination of materials ensures both strength and effectiveness in cleaning, making it an essential tool for maintaining your cast iron cookware in top condition.

Caring for cast iron cookware is easy! Here's our recommended method for cleaning and caring for cast iron.

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