Kosmos Q Moisture Magic Injection BBQ Phosphates

Kosmos Q Moisture Magic Injection BBQ Phosphates

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When it comes to meat phosphates, don't skimp on quality and price.  The solubility of BBQ Phosphates is crucial when they are adding into meats, cheaper blends can increase the risk of not dissolving into your injection and can be unknowingly injected into your meat thus discoloring the meat and even making it taste like soap. Custom blend of Tripolyphosphates is composed of a powerful anti-coagulant and emulsifier, this injection can be used in any protein worth grilling to hold in the natural juices and protect your food from dryness. Perfect for those who want to create their own custom spice blends.

Injecting: Mix 1/8 cup of Kosmo’s Moisture Magic (BBQ Phosphate) to 1 cup of distilled water. (1 oz product to 12.5 lb. of meat)

For Brining: Mix 1 cup of Moisture Magic to 1/2 gallon of Water

Ingredients: Sodium Phosphate

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