John Henry's Texas Pig BBQ Rub, 11.5 oz

John Henry's Texas Pig BBQ Rub, 11.5 oz

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John Henry's Texas Pig BBQ Rub is an award winning seasoning crafted to bring the bold flavors of the Lone Star State to your grill! At its core, a perfect balance of sweetness and savory begins with a blend of sugar, salt, and rich brown sugar, imparting a delightful caramelized crust to your pork.

Infused with a medley of aromatic spices, earthy paprika, and the smoky essence of natural smoke flavor, each bite transports you to a classic Texas BBQ pit. The robust notes of garlic and onion add depth, while a hint of zesty lemon oil brightens the palate. Whether you're smoking ribs, grilling chops, or slow-roasting shoulder, this rub is your key to authentic Texas BBQ flavor that'll have your guests coming back for seconds and thirds.

11.5 oz. shaker

Ingredients: sugar, salt, brown sugar, spices, paprika, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder, onion powder, lemon oil, and 1% sodium aluminosilicate added as an anti-caking agent.

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