Hardcore Carnivore Chili Lime Seasoning

Hardcore Carnivore Chili Lime Seasoning

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This zesty, bright seasoning blend is perfect for taco meat, fajitas, guacamole, chicken wings, pineapple, watermelon AND the rim of your margarita glass.. Made with premium earthy chile powders and real lime juice, it's got a mild/medium heat.

Ingredients: Chili Pepper, Sea Salt, Paprika, Spices, Brown Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic, Lime Powder (Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Lime Oil, Lime Juice, Ascorbic Acid [Vitamin C], Maltodextrin, Sodium Citrate), Citric Acid, and Silicon Dioxide (Less than 2% used for anti-caking).

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