GrillGrate Single Panel (Various Sizes)

GrillGrate Single Panel (Various Sizes)

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GrillGrates are renowned for providing an unparalleled cooking experience, offering a surface like no other. Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, a superior conductor of heat, GrillGrates ensure that heat is evenly distributed across the surface, resulting in intense searing that's unmatched by any other grate material.

Their innovative design not only locks in juices but also controls flare-ups, allowing you to cook lean meats, delicate fish, flavorful grilled pizzas, and vibrant vegetables without the risk of burning or drying out. With GrillGrates, you can achieve professional-level results right in your own backyard, making every grilling session a culinary delight.

To use, simply lay the GrillGrates on top of your existing grill surface, or replace your grates completely (please measure your grates to make sure the panels will fit).

The modular, interlocking plates can be positioned to cover all or part of your grill surface. GrillGrates sear in juices while controlling flare-ups making it easy to cook lean meat, fish, grilled pizzas, and vegetables on your grill without burning, drying out or charring.

GrillGrates all measure 5.25" wide and feature an interlocking system that allows you to fit each grate together for the perfect fit.


  • Minimize flare-ups
  • Produces steakhouse quality grill marks
  • Great color and caramelization of the meat
  • Produces meat that is juicy and tender
  • Easy clean up
  • Will never rust
  • Grate material that will yield long grate life

Chef Tom shows you how to use GrillGrates on your current grill, no matter what you're cooking on.

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