GrillGrate Set for Large Big Green Egg

GrillGrate Set for Large Big Green Egg

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The Large Big Green Egg GrillGrates panel set is designed to enhance your grilling experience by providing a superior cooking surface that delivers exceptional results every time. By placing these panels on top of your existing grill grates, you'll enjoy high heat cooking that ensures your food is cooked to perfection.

Crafted from hard anodized aluminum, these GrillGrate panels are built to withstand the rigors of grilling while delivering focused heat to the surface. This unique material conducts heat efficiently, allowing for intense searing that produces those coveted grill marks and locks in the juices of your food.

With GrillGrates, you can say goodbye to flare-ups and charring, ensuring that your meals are cooked evenly and without burning or drying out. Whether you're grilling meat, fish, pizzas, or vegetables, GrillGrates provide unmatched performance, making them the ultimate cooking surface for your Large Big Green Egg grill.

Care and Cleaning: The first few times you grill, sparingly use grill spray or canola oil on your GrillGrates. ALWAYS oil your food before putting it on the grill. Avoid over cleaning your grates in the beginning to allow them to season and develop a non-stick coating. Grates will go from gray to light brown to black over time. Do not put in the dishwasher. Do not use oven cleaner or harsh caustic cleaners. Avoid prolonged exposure to very high heats (850°F +) can warp your grates over time. For the occasional deep-clean, GrillGrates can be cleaned in the sink or washtub. Use GrillGrates with a few panels right side up and a few panels flipped upside down. Creating an area on your grill that serves as a griddle. By occasionally rotating grates, they will self-clean.


  • Designed for the Large Big Green Egg
  • Set Includes: (2) 13.75" Mitre Cut GrillGrate Panels and (1) 13.75" GrillGrate Panel
  • Covers 90% of the grill surface
  • GrillGrates sit on top of the existing surface
  • GrillGrates are reversible interlocking panels, giving you two grilling surfaces; rails up or on the flat side
  • Constructed from hard anodized aluminum, GrillGrates will never rust
  • Includes Grate Tool and User Guide
  • GrillGrates are Made in the USA
  • GrateTool Made in China

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