Grannie's Smokin' Hot Mustard

Grannie's Smokin' Hot Mustard

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Grannie's Smokin' Hot Mustard is a fiery and flavorful condiment that adds a bold kick to any dish. This mustard combines the traditional tanginess of classic mustard with some jalapeno heat, creating a unique and tantalizing flavor experience. Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of spice, this mustard is a versatile addition to your culinary arsenal, enhancing everything from sandwiches and burgers to marinades and dips.

Crafted with high-quality ingredients, Grannie's Smokin' Hot Mustard features a blend of yellow and brown mustard seeds, vinegar, and a carefully selected mix of spices and jalapeno. The result is a mustard with a robust, smoky heat that builds with each bite, balanced by the acidity and pungency of the mustard base. This combination of flavors makes it an excellent choice for adding depth and excitement to your favorite dishes.

Whether you're looking to spice up your grilled sausages, add a zesty kick to your potato salad, or create a bold dipping sauce for pretzels, Grannie's Smokin' Hot Mustard is up to the task. Its well-rounded heat and rich flavor profile make it a standout condiment that can elevate a wide range of recipes, making it a must-have for any kitchen or BBQ enthusiast.

Ingredients: prepared mustard (ground mustard seed, vinegar, salt, spice and turmeric), sugar, flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, iron thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), dry mustard, jalapeno powder, potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)

Contains: Gluten

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