Fire Wire Skewers - 2 Pack

Fire Wire Skewers - 2 Pack

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    Fire Wire's innovative flexible cable design revolutionizes kabob grilling, doubling the space for your favorite foods on the grill. Unlike traditional straight skewers, Fire Wire allows you to secure more than twice the amount of food per kabob, maximizing your grilling efficiency. What's more, the stainless steel construction remains cool to the touch, eliminating the need for tools when turning or removing food from the grill.

    With Fire Wire, marinating is simplified - no more handling food twice. Simply marinate your skewered delights directly in the bag. Each set includes two skewers, offering versatility and convenience for your grilling adventures. Say goodbye to cramped grilling spaces and hello to effortless kabob mastery with Fire Wire.


    • Fire Wire's flexible cable style skewer allows you to effectively use the space on your grill
    • Secures more than twice as much food per kabob than a straight skewer
    • Never handle the food twice to marinate--simply marinate in the bag while skewered on the Fire Wire
    • Innovative stainless steel design stays cool, allowing you to turn or remove food from the grill without using tools
    • Includes two skewers

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