Corinthian Bells Windchimes

Corinthian Bells Windchimes

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Corinthian Bells® by Wind River Chimes is their best-selling collection. And from the first ring, the difference is clear. This collection combines high-density polymer strikers with thick-walled, powder-coated tubes—for superior resonance and resilience. With 10 sizes and a range of watercolor hues, you may be inspired to buy several and build a choir. Because when you hang a Corinthian Bell chime, every breeze brings new enchantment.

At Wind River, musicality is no small matter. From the beginning, they’ve studied and perfected what they call “the Science of Sound”—carefully engineering each component to create the most melodic chimes on the market. Before a chime is assembled, they test the tone, resonance and pitch of each tube to make sure they match the intended harmony. It’s the kind of attention to detail you can see—and hear.

An Inspired Palette: Corinthian Bell's color palette is inspired by the woods, waterways and mountaintops that surround Wind River Chime's Virginia "home". No matter what shade you choose or where you place your chime, our soothing colors and finishes helps it blend in and stand out, all at the same time.

Measurements are the overall length in inches.

wind chimes at a beach house

These are visually and acoustically exceptional chimes made in the USA by Wind River Windchimes.

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