Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub

Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub

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Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub boasts a hint of sweetness complemented by a perfect blend of spices, meticulously crafted to elevate the flavor of Pork Back Ribs, Pork Ribs, and various cuts of pork to unparalleled levels of deliciousness.

Not limited to pork, Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub also excels when applied to chicken, enhancing its taste and aroma with every bite. Renowned among KCBS competitors, this rub has propelled many to victory in the rib category, making it a trusted choice for both competitive barbecue and backyard grilling alike.

Experience the winning flavor combination that has captivated taste buds and secured accolades time and time again. Whether you're vying for competition glory or simply enjoying a backyard barbecue, Cimarron Doc's Sweet Rib Rub promises to deliver exceptional results every time.

Ingredients: sugar, salt, dehydrated garlic and onion, spices and color, monosodium glutamate, dehydrated red bell pepper, natural flavor (maltodextrin), not more than 2% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.

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