Broil King Premium Pork Claws

Broil King Premium Pork Claws

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The Pulled Pork Shredding Claws are designed to withstand heavy-duty use while delivering exceptional performance. Their simplistic yet sturdy design seamlessly integrates the handle into the claw structure, ensuring durability and ease of use. Each claw features two oversized tines, allowing you to stab and securely hold large chunks of meat, while the smaller tines effectively pull the pork into manageable fibers.

Whether you're shredding pork, chicken, or beef, these claws make the task effortless and efficient, providing you with perfectly shredded meat every time. Built to last and perform, these shredding claws are a must-have tool for any barbecue enthusiast or professional chef.


  • Simplistic design integrates the handle into the claw structure
  • Two oversized tines per claw to stab and hold big hunks of meat while the other claws smaller tines pull pork into easy to manage fibers

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