Bonfire Prime 500 Built-In Natural Gas Grill

Bonfire Prime 500 Built-In Natural Gas Grill

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Bonfire Prime 500 Built-In Natural Gas Grill Outdoor Grills 12026853

The Bonfire Prime 500 Built-In Natural Gas BBQ Grill is a powerhouse of grilling performance and quality craftsmanship, designed to elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights.

Equipped with five cast stainless steel burners and an infrared back burner, this grill boasts an impressive 87,000 BTUs of grilling power, ensuring rapid heating and precise temperature control for all your culinary creations.

Setting itself apart with premium features and thoughtful design elements, the Bonfire Prime 500 includes zone dividers to regulate different temperatures across the cooking surface, allowing you to cook various foods simultaneously with optimal results. The addition of inside halogen lighting and decorative LED control panel lights not only enhance visibility during nighttime grilling sessions but also add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen.

Crafted with expert precision and attention to detail, the Bonfire Prime 500 showcases outstanding fit and finish, including polished edges that provide a sleek and polished aesthetic. This commitment to quality extends to the construction materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance for years to come.

Backed by a LIFETIME warranty, the Bonfire Prime 500 offers peace of mind and confidence in its reliability and longevity, making it a smart investment for discerning grill enthusiasts.

Each Bonfire Prime 500 BBQ grill comes with a large capacity smoker box, allowing you to infuse your dishes with delicious smoky flavors. Additionally, the sear burner is available as an optional upgrade, providing even more versatility for your grilling adventures.

The Bonfire Prime 500 Grill offers flexibility to suit your outdoor kitchen layout and preferences. Plus, with included accessories such as a rotisserie kit, smoker box, and quality cover, you'll have everything you need to start grilling in style.

Bonfire Prime 500 Built-In Natural Gas Grill Outdoor Grills 12026853

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