Blaze Rotisserie Kit For 32 Inch 4-Burner Gas Grill

Blaze Rotisserie Kit For 32 Inch 4-Burner Gas Grill

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Enhance your grilling options with the Blaze Rotisserie Kit designed for 32-inch 4-Burner Gas Grills. This kit allows you to add the delightful capability of rotisserie cooking to your Blaze grill, providing a new dimension of flavor and cooking versatility.

Designed to seamlessly fit Blaze 4-burner grills, this kit includes everything you need to get started. The kit features a durable 120V motor enclosed in stainless steel to withstand outdoor elements. It also includes a spit rod with a convenient handle for easy operation, along with 2 forks, an L-bracket, and a counter balance for even cooking of your rotisserie dishes.

With the Blaze Rotisserie Kit, you can effortlessly roast whole chickens, roasts, and more on your grill, bringing a delicious rotisserie flavor to your outdoor cooking experience. Whether it's a special occasion or simply elevating your everyday meals, this kit enhances your grilling capabilities with convenience and quality.


  • Fits Blaze 4-burner grills
  • Includes 120V motor, spit rod with handle, 2 forks, L-bracket and counter balance
  • Motor is enclosed in stainless steel to withstand the elements
  • 1 year warranty

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