Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning

Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning

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Bad Byron's Jubilee Seafood Seasoning is crafted to enhance the natural flavors of your favorite seafood dishes. Made with a thoughtful blend of premium ingredients, this seasoning is the perfect complement to everything from shrimp and crab to fish and lobster.

At the heart of our seafood seasoning is celery salt, which adds a subtle yet distinctive flavor that beautifully enhances the taste of seafood. The bright, citrusy notes of lemon provide a refreshing burst of acidity, while Worcestershire lends a savory depth that perfectly balances the dish.

To add a touch of sweetness and complexity, Jubilee Seafood Seasoning incorporates turbinado sugar, which caramelizes beautifully when cooked, creating a deliciously crisp crust on grilled or broiled seafood. Paprika contributes a rich, smoky aroma, while black pepper provides a gentle warmth that lingers on the palate.

Garlic and green onion infuse each bite with layers of savory flavor, while parsley adds a fresh, herbaceous brightness that complements the natural sweetness of the seafood. And of course, no seafood seasoning would be complete without a hint of cayenne pepper, which adds a subtle kick of heat that enhances the overall flavor profile without overwhelming the dish.

Whether you're smoking, grilling, broiling, steaming or frying your favorite seafood, this signature seasoning is sure to take your dishes to the next level. With its perfect balance of flavors and versatility, it's the ideal choice for seafood lovers looking to elevate their culinary creations. Experience the difference with our seafood seasoning and bring out the best in every bite.

4oz. and 24oz. shakers.

Ingredients: salt, sugar, paprika, lemon powder (maltodextrin, lemon purée, citric acid, sugar, and lemon juice), Worcestershire powder (corn syrup solids, salt, caramel color, garlic, sugar, spices, soy sauce solids (naturally fermented wheat and soybean, salt maltodextrin, caramel color), palm oil, tamarind, natural flavor, and sulfiting agent), spices, garlic, onion, celery, chives, microcrystalline cellulose, soybean oil.

Contains wheat

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