Allsop Soji 12" Round Solar Lantern with Lemon Poppy Print

Allsop Soji 12" Round Solar Lantern with Lemon Poppy Print

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Crafted from weather-resistant Tyvek fabric, the Allsop Soji 12" Round Solar Lantern with Lemon Poppy Print combines ornate punched patterns with fun, colorful printed designs. The solar lantern features a festive flower motif that is playful and bright.

Soji Solar Lanterns are:

  • Constructed from durable fade and weather-resistant fabric material
  • Handmade
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery, solar panel, light sensor, and dual white LED lights
  • Includes stainless steel hanging hardware


Solar Lantern Setup & Battery Replacement Instructions

How do I set up and use my solar lantern?

Setting up your solar lantern is easy! Turn the solar panel switch to “on”, install your lantern supports, and then hang your lantern in direct sunlight (6 hours for best results) with the solar panel facing up. Once the sun goes down and it gets dark enough, your lantern photosensor will turn the lantern on automatically!

Can my solar lantern be left outside year-round?

Yes, Allsop Home & Garden Lanterns are designed so that they can survive in the outdoors! Our fabrics are tough and we use stainless steel and other materials that can handle the weather. While we expect that you will get multiple years of service from your lanterns, over time they will experience normal wear from being outside. Some consumers take their lanterns down in winter, especially in areas with snow and ice.


Dimensions: 12″ H x 12″ W

Material: Weather-resistant Tyvek®; stainless steel hanging hardware.

Uses: Hanging

Battery: Included,  (1 x AAA rechargeable NiMH 700 mAh 1.2v), replaceable

Bulb: 2 x LED

Solar Housing: Solar Panel 2.25″ x 1.625″, on/off switch w/ photosensor (Automatically turns on at night)

Rated for Outdoor Use: Yes, year-round

Cordless: Yes

Collapsible: Yes (accordion closes to store flat)

Packaging: 12.06″ H x 13.13″ W x 1.31″ D / 0.75 lbs

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