All Things Barbecue Tube Smoker Starter Kit

All Things Barbecue Tube Smoker Starter Kit

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    Get everything you need to start adding flavor to your food with this kit! The 7-12" Expandable A-Maze-N Tube Smoker is easy to light and can be used on any style of grill - gas, pellet, or charcoal. It puts off nearly no heat so it can also be used to cold smoke cheeses and fish. Packaged with this kit are three 1 pound bags of BBQR's Delight 100% flavorwood pellets in Pecan, Jack Daniels, and Cherry. Load your tube smoker up and easily add flavor to any item.

    This kit makes a great gift for any barbecue lover!

    All Things Barbecue Tube Smoker Starter Kit Features:

    • (1) 7"-12" A-Maze-N Tube Smoker
    • (3) BBQR's Delight 1lb Pellets - Your Choice
    WoodFlavorMeat of Choice
    AppleStrongSweet, fruity smoke. Strongest of the fruit woodsBeef, pork, ham, poultry, game
    CherryMildSweet fruity smoke that gives a rosy tint to light meatsBeef, pork, poultry, fish, game birds
    HickoryStrongBacon-flavor, most commonly used and recognized smokeBeef, pork, poultry, fish, game
    MesquiteStrongSpicy, very distinctive smoke of Southwest cookingBeef, pork, poultry, fish, game
    PecanMildSimilar to hickory but milder and sweeter with a nut after-tasteBeef, pork, poultry, fish, game

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