ATBBQ Grilled Turkey Roulade Kit

ATBBQ Grilled Turkey Roulade Kit

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    All Things Barbecue Grilled Turkey Roulade Kit prep is a no-brainer with our carefully curated kits! Our Turkey Roulade kit features a savory brine and all-purpose seasoning to create this classic turkey recipe for a smaller Thanksgiving or Holiday meal. The Holiday herb pesto created in this recipe can be used as a filling or also use for dipping. The smaller briner bucket works well for breast or with poultry and fits perfectly in every fridge. On top of flavorings and briner, there is an option to receive all the tools necessary to spatchcock and carve up the perfect turkey or chicken.  Follow along with Chef Tom's recipe.

    Flavors Only includes:

    • Sweetwater Spice Classic Holiday Brine Concentrate, 16oz
    • Cattleman's Grill Trail Dust, 10.8oz

    Briner Kit Includes:

    • All of the above plus The Briner 3.5qt Brining Bucket

    Chef Tom fires up the Napoleon P500RSIB Gas Grill for a Grilled Turkey Roulade stuffed with a holiday pesto!

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