Fireboard Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Extreme BBQ Edition

Fireboard Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Extreme BBQ Edition
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Features & Specification

The Fireboard Wireless Barbecue Thermometer has taken the barbecue world by storm. This cloud connected thermometer uses WIFI to connect to Fireboard's cloud software which is fully accessible through the dashboard on their website or on their app for your wireless device.

This package includes the Fireboard Wireless Thermometer, USB charger, two (2) ambient probes, six (6) food probes, two (2) grill clips and a quick start guide. Operation is simple, and the readings this product gives you are incredibly accurate. Take the guessing out of where your food is at in its cook with the Fireboard.


  • Thermometer connects to cloud software accessible by computer or wireless devices
  • Has six (6) available channels that you can connect any number of food or ambient probes to
  • FireBoard FBX11 Thermometer, Charger, 2 Ambient Probes*, 6 Food Probes, 2 Grill Clips, Quick Start Guide
  • Device Size and Weight: 3.9″W x 2.4″H x 1.1″D, 4.6oz.
  • FireBoard® comes standard with a 1 year warranty.

Product Reviews 3 item(s)

Most Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring System To Date
This is the most comprehensive temperature monitoring system I have seen to date, and i have seen and used a lot of them. Being able to monitor six temperature points (ambient or meat temps) in a large grill is quite useful on many levels. The IOS app on my phone and iPad work flawlessly and the website access to the live cook data is quite impressive as well. Data markers can be edited on the fly from any of these access points. If you have a big grill with lots of space and frequently cook multiple proteins at the same time, this system will be a great way to monitor those individual cut temperatures from wherever you have wifi or data access. The graphs and data you can view and save from the app or website are useful tools in understanding how a piece of meat cooks. It's also useful to help you learn how long certain cuts take to cook, on average, at various ambient temperatures. Besides all that, the data is just fun to view :) My only recommendation on this unit is to go ahead and buy the optional case for the control unit. You will want that in order to secure the controller via magnet or stand to an appropriate surface on your grill. With up to six wires connected to the controller, you need the controller to be secure in its location.
Review by JMSetzler / (Posted on 8/16/2017)
Love it
Kickass thermometer, easy to use, love the app
The price is a little scary....., but I spent more for a thermometer
To take tire temperatures on my race car. Did I say kickass !
Review by Dan / (Posted on 8/15/2017)
Good Buy
Really a great product. Developed by people that desired what they couldn't go out and buy. Impressed.
Review by Fuzzyb / (Posted on 7/12/2017)