Product Roundup: Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven Overview and Cooking Test

Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven Overview and Cooking Test

A small wood-fired oven that’s simple to operate and allows you to cook wonderful food in your backyard without breaking the bank

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Video Transcript

Hey everybody, I'm Chef Tom with All Things Barbecue, and today I'm super excited to show you guys the Uuni/Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven. Many of you are familiar with the Uuni 3 Portable Wood-Fired Oven and its predecessors. Now the Uuni Pro takes the same idea. It's a small wood-fired oven that's simple to operate and allows you to cook wonderful food in your backyard without breaking the bank. Now as you can see, this model is much larger than the Uuni 3, but the design is similar.

Uuni/Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven Features

First up, the door. The Uuni Pro comes with a pair of doors. The first has a high heat glass section and door thermometer so you can keep your eye on the oven temperature. The second has an innovative letterbox style opening that allows you to slide pizzas in and out with ease. Next step is the cooking surface, it includes a four-piece quartzite baking stone that provides you a large 17.7 inch by 17.7-inch surface that's big enough to cook 16-inch pizzas. This oven also has six inches of clearance so you can bake loaves of bread, roast large meats, or even cook foods in a 12-inch cast iron skillet.

The unit itself is double walled, which gives you better fuel efficiency and less discoloration of the stainless steel. But hands down, the coolest part about the Uuni Pro, is its multi-fuel capability. This unit comes ready to burn charcoal and wood. A departure from the Uuni three which is exclusively pellet fuel. There's also an available wood pellet attachment that works just like the previous Uuni ovens. Finally, as I mentioned earlier, Uuni will be releasing a gas burner for the Uuni Pro in the near future. As soon as we get our hands on one of those gas burners, we'll be sure to do a full overview video to let you guys know how it works.

Uuni/Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven Cooking Test: Pizza

Now let's fire up the oven and see how it cooks. Going to start off with a small chimney of lit charcoal. And then I'm going to add just a couple of chunks of our kiln dried Cattlemen's Grill Hickory Wood. Let's throw the lid on and let this thing warm up. And I recommend that you use small to medium-sized chunks of wood. I wouldn't go as small as wood chips, which would burn up immediately. After about 15 minutes of preheating, we're over 800 degrees inside and that will continue to climb as the fire goes, but at this point, I want to switch out the doors so we can get our pizza door on there and cook up some pizza.

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I'm going to slide this pizza right into the center of the deck and then every 20 seconds or so, I want to rotate this so it browns evenly. And under two minutes, you've got a perfectly cooked pizza.

Uuni/Ooni Pro Wood-Fired Oven Cooking Test: Cheesesteak

Now I'm going to switch back to the glass door so we can put some skillets in here and cook a few different items. I also want to close the damper just a little bit to help bring the temperature down and lessen the airflow. And we'll send it down on the stack as well. I'm going to get this ten-inch skillet in here as well as the Uuni sizzler pan so we have a couple of options.

I'm going to start off with a strip steak in the sizzler pan, and we'll roast some veggies over here in the ten-inch skillet. And you can see that in under 10 minutes we've got perfectly roasted vegetables and a perfectly seared steak that's at medium rare. Now, in the Lodge Skillet, we can actually get veggies and steak all in here together at once so we can make some cheesesteak.

Alright, some nice color on the steak, the veggies have softened up, and I just love the size of this oven and the way that it's super easy to move even a 12-inch skillet in and out of here. So, there you have it. The Uuni Pro is obviously a fantastic pizza oven, but at the same time, it's so much more than that. If you have any questions about the Uuni Pro or any of the other products you see featured on this channel, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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