Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosion Recipe

Chef Tom here with a great recipe for a bacon explosion.

Bacon Explosion Recipe



Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 to 275°F. Place the sausage in a gallon zip-top bag. Press the sausage out into an even layer. Using scissors or a knife, cut along the edges of the bag and turn the layer of sausage out onto your work surface.

Season the surface of the sausage with R Butts R Smokin’ Ozark Heat BBQ Rub. Mix about 4 parts Chile Slinger Chipotle BBQ Sauce and 1 part Reida Honey Farm Raw Wildflower Honey. Warm the sauce to blend the two and make it a bit more fluid. Set aside half of the mixture and reserve for later use. Brush a layer of the sauce mixture on the sausage. Spread the cheese and cooked diced bacon evenly over the surface. Roll the entire thing into a log.

Lay out 1/2 of your sliced bacon parallel to one another. Fold back every other slice (a couple of inches) on one side. Lay in a slice of bacon from the remaining 1/2 lb, perpendicular to the first layer of bacon, then fold the original slices back. Now working from the opposite end, do the same thing. Alternating the slices folded back and adding another slice next to the last, forming a weave pattern with the bacon.

Place the sausage log at one end of the bacon weave and roll the sausage, encasing it in the bacon weave. Transfer to the cooker and smoke until the internal temperature reaches 150°F, about 90 minutes. Brush the outside of the bacon explosion with the reserved sauce mixture and continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 160°F. Rest 10 minutes then slice to serve.

This recipe was prepared on a Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill.

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