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Cajun Lamb Lollipops & Cheese Grits

How to make Cajun Lamb Lollipops & Cheese Grits

Chef Tom grills up a simple, flavor packed recipe for Frenched rack of lamb. These Cajun Lamb Lollipops are grilled over a bed charcoal in the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe, basted in cajun butter and sliced into individual servings and served over cheesy grits. 

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Fried Oyster & Hot Link Po' Boy

Fried Oyster & Hot Link Po' Boy Recipe

We’re less than a week away from Fat Tuesday, so why not whip up a Cajun favorite in celebration of Mardi Gras?! Certainly, there are plenty of culinary traditions to choose from, but when a sandwich is an option, you can bet I’m picking the sandwich. The Po’ Boy is a classic with so many variations that it’s hard to choose just one. That’s how we ended up with the Fried Oyster AND Hot Link Po’ Boy! And the beauty is, by utilizing the versatility of the Napoleon Prestige, you can do it all on the grill. And we did.

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